WACAP helps you answer "the money question."

It's no surprise, adoption can be expensive and at WACAP we are committed to helping you answer the money question through a regarded and innovative service, the Adoption Finance Coaching System.  

Our team of adoption finance coaches will help you create a comprehensive financial plan that matches your adoption plan.  


We know finances can be a barrier...but don't give up!  WACAP's staff and our experienced adoption finance coaches are here to help you, so you'll have the support you need along the way. 

Questions? Contact wacap@wacap.org


The Adoption Finance Coaching System has been a huge support for us during our adoption. 

Their expertise in planning and organizing events that support families in the adoption process is invaluable! 

We were overwhelmed by the details, and intimidated to ask friends and family to financially assist us, but they showed us how to pull it all together and raise funds with grace. Doors opened to fund raising possibilities that we did not know existed. 

 -- Dena and Eric Edmunds

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