WACAP helps you answer "the money question."

It's no surprise, adoption can be expensive and at WACAP we are committed to helping you answer the money question through a regarded and innovative service, the Adoption Finance Coaching System.  

Our team of adoption finance coaches will help you create a comprehensive financial plan that matches your adoption plan.  


We know finances can be a barrier...but don't give up!  WACAP's staff and our experienced adoption finance coaches are here to help you, so you'll have the support you need along the way. 

Questions? Contact wacap@wacap.org


I met (our Coach) shortly after signing our application with WACAP for our second adoption. The first time around we worked hard to raise the full amount needed to adopt but the second time I only worked part time so we had nothing saved or had any idea how to raise 35,000. I just loved all the knowledge that Adoption Finance Coach shared with me. It opened up a whole new world of possibilities and allowed me to think outside the box. Was I motivated? Yes very.

I was determined to bring my daughter home debt free. The team went above and beyond to help me succeed raising every penny. Some with grants which I was so thankful that the Adoption Finance Coach was able to review my applications but mostly just not being afraid to share my story with everyone and that it's okay to ask.

I loved all the webinars and took tons of notes. The calls were the best. My chance to share my accomplishments and to hear what new ideas and suggestions to get me to my next goal. Adoption Finance Coach is my true hero and I will be happily calling upon them again for our next adoption!       -- Helm Family

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